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abigailb's Journal

26 June 1979
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I am a human being living in London. I was at Southampton University from 1997-2000, doing BSc CompSci. Moved back to Leicester after graduating, moved to London in summer 2006. I worked for these people on Nuke between 2007 and 2014. I don't know what I'm doing next. I am available for freelance anything.

I have been Facebooked, and I twitter.
alan moore, androgyny, art brut, avoiding learning finnish, bass guitar, big boots, big finish, bleeding ears, boundaries, brass eye, bring back the shilling, buffy, c++, captain marvel, cartography, chroming the moon, cinema, coat stands, cocktails, comics, compositing, conlangs, corsets, cryosphere, current affairs, cursing my headaches, dave gorman, depeche mode, destroying the world, dexter's laboratory, dirk gently, discworld, doctor marten, doctor who, douglas adams, drop the dead donkey, dungeons and dragons, eating ice, edgar wright, escape the room, fake hair, firefly, futurama, gegl, genderqueer, ghost pirates, goth, grammatically correct text messages, hating marmite, hhgttg, history, iain m banks, incongruous furniture, joss whedon, june 26, kenickie, ladytron, language, learning to cook, leicester, leyton, leytonstone, lgbt, live music, london, london falling, long island ice tea, loud women, making comics, making maps, mapping, miss fisher's murder mysteries, mornington crescent, ms. marvel, muds, music, mx tyrants, neil gaiman, new music, nicki minaj, nine inch nails, no coffee, obnoxious descriptivism, oitnb, old music, openstreetmap, orphan black, pain au chocolat, parks and recreation, philip k dick, phlogiston, phonogram, pirate ghosts, pitchshifter, pixies, placebo, political geography, politics, pretending to be welsh, pretty much everything, programming, queen adreena, radio 4, radio 6 music, rammstein, reading, red dwarf, red tea, riot grrrl, rivers of london, scones, skrulls, socratic irony, splitting infinitives, stanley kubrick, stereoscopy, steven universe, still unlinked livejournal interests, supergirl, suzanne vega, taylor swift, terry pratchett, the beatles, the dandy warhols, the day today, the laundry, the modern, the pembury tavern, the silmarillion, the smiths, the white stripes, the wimmins' institute, they might be giants, tolkien, torchwood, transrealities, unbreakable kimmy schmidt, undermining capitalism from within, venus envy, visual effects, vodka, waltham forest, warren ellis, whisky, wikipedia, writing, writing systems, x-men, xkcd, yes minister