Abi (abigailb) wrote,

The Man In The High Castle. what an odd book.

I felt a bit cheated we didn't get to see the east coast directly, but on reflection, that's probably for the better. the book-within-a-book The Grasshopper Lies Heavy was a nicely distorted version of what did happen. interesting consideration of racism - even though the U.S. has been beaten and the western states occupied by the Japanese, some of the American characters still can't bring themselves to regard them as their intellectual equals - the same belief, though in different circumstances, is seen in the Nazi attitudes to Jews ("they can't create; only copy"). It was all a bit disjointed (consciously so, because it wasn't really plotted, other than the attempt to meet the title character), and it didn't really work for me.

So, on to my next book. Which will be one of the ones my kind readers suggested.
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