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09:10 pm: doctor who quite good. wasn't a fan of the whole concept of the episode but they pulled it off reasonably well. they glossed over the whole "bad wolf" following them thing, sadly.

came home last night not a minute too early - had to have a nap in the afternoon to sort myself out.

getting ready now to go to psychocandy/nowhere. hoping i will spend more time upstairs this time.

news links that may not have made your radar

pride march banned in Warsaw
a list of sites considered for nuclear waste dumps in the 1980s released
a woman is appointed governor of Bamiyan province in Afghanistan



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Date:June 12th, 2005 02:23 pm (UTC)
seen http://www.badwolf.org.uk/ ? somebody is bored at the BBC.

popbitch alleges that the bad wolf thing isn't resolved until the regeneration episode which i guess is either the next one or the first in the next series.
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