Abi (abigailb) wrote,

fit the twenty-third today. quite good. raises lots of questions.

lots of stuff in this episode. casting the TV trillian as the alternate tricia mcmillan works, and the fact that her voice has aged a bit is actually a plus factor (the alternate tricia mcmillan being supposed to be 20 years or so older than the TV trillan).

interested to see how the Zaphod element goes. Zaphod wasn't in Mostly Harmless at all - most likely his "psychotic episode" in the Secondary Phase will be explained as a slice through the Mish Mash, though hey, who knows, maybe he really was just too drunk.

Looking at the cast list is interesting. Zarniwoop and Vann Harl appear to have been merged into one character. or has Vann Harl got Zarniwoop locked in a cupboard?

The other odd thing in the cast list is the presence of Zarquon, Thor and Max Quordlepleen. These characters all appeared in Fit the Fifth, at the restaurant at the end of the universe, and have never been seen again. Also we have Mr Prosser, the man who wanted to destroy Arthur's house. Any theories as to what they are doing here?

It's excellent that I am speculating about what's happening and can't wait for the next episode. I haven't ever done that with Hitchhiker's ever, it all being available when I started to read it. (actually, that's not true, I remember Mostly Harmless coming out when I was like 12, already being a fan then.)
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