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09:38 pm: good Cafe Scientifique tonight.

listening to Hitchhiker's Guide now.

crikey, didn't expect the American Trillian (who is apparently identical to the 'real' trillian, but played by the TV trillian and is blonde) in this episode. bits of mostly harmless brought forward, making it clear that this is the Wrong Earth. and mention of Zaphod and the events of the Secondary Phase, but not explicitly linked in.

enjoying the bit about the attempts to communicate with the robot. and the bournemouth bit is absolutely inspired - the link with Ford's guide entry is new, isn't it? it was eastbourne in the book or something. no, it was bournemouth in the book too. the link was just too subtle for me in the book.

instead of walkmen, sirius cybernetics mobile phones. share and enjoy! patrick moore saying "way cool ring tone". hehe.

marvin the electronic sulking machine! explanation of what happened to marvin with the haggunenon (he apparently went into the sun, yes).

and finally, god's final message to his creation. WE APOLOGISE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. there are no doc marten's in this episode.

Fenchurch actually vanishes at the end of the episode. As opposed to this being off-screen like in the books...

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