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fit the twentieth

Well. In this episode we get Ford trying to connect to the speaking clock; Arthur arriving at home and discovering the fish-bowl and, telling Rob to tell someone about his book. Then happening across Fenchurch again, winning the raffle with the wrong ticket. They inserted an actual conversation with a "Friends of the World" person about the Dolphins [played by David Dixon, who is the TV series's Ford], and the way he found Fenchurch is changed somewhat. I am sad to see the bit in the pub gone, but the conversation with the BBC guy was good. Jane Horrocks is good as Fenchurch.

Only two episodes left for the rest of So Long And Thanks For All The Fish, in which they have to go to America, meet Wonko the Sane, deal with the robot sent by the lizards, and go visiting God's final message to his creation.

Adapting these two must have been more difficult than adapting Life, the Universe and Everything was. So Long and Thanks for All The Fish and Mostly Harmless were both originally written as books, and so use an awful lot of narration. Life, the Universe and Everything of course started off life as "Doctor Who and the Krikketmen", so has plenty of dialog. On radio narration translates to either dropping the material, to having the Guide/narrator read it, or turning it into a monologue. This is usually done tolerably, but isn't as interesting to listen to as, say, Ford/Arthur banter...
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