Abi (abigailb) wrote,

Fit the nineteenth

They have here
  • A new intro sequence, where the Vogons destroy Canis Minor, and discover that Earth has reappeared
  • The prologue about Fenchurch (the girl in the cafe in Rickmansworth)
  • A new narration noting that Arthur discovered the Earth's entry was updated, and deciding to go there. Also a setup for Random existing.
  • Arthur arriving. This time he gets a lift, but going the wrong way, from Rob McKenna, and learns his rain experience there. (transplanted from a cafe, later).
  • Ford at the bar, asking for credit.
  • Arthur getting a lift from Russell. This bit is quite cut, but he discovers that "Fenny" is apparently mad and sedated, and that people remember the yellow ships but think that MI5 or the CIA or someone did it.
  • Ford talking to the hooker who offers wealth counselling, discovering the entry has been updated, and then a new bit where he hijacks a helicopter to get onto a shuttle off that planet.
Order of Ford and Arthur bits may be slightly wrong. The updated "digital watch" joke was good. :) If taken literally this ret-cons the entire series so that Earth is destroyed in the 2000s, which impossible because you can't buy 6 pints for a fiver and be considered generous anymore. La. I am taking this too seriously.
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