Abi (abigailb) wrote,

hitchiker's movie

I liked, though I won't claim its the perfect adaption.

So. There were a couple of gags that didn't work and they were painful they didn't pan out. (I am thinking in particular the plans in the basement, and the Nutrimatic machine). However, there were far more jokes that did work. Some of the new gags were as good, too. I especially liked the new gag at the end of the recorded message, and the surprise in the airlock was also good. The opening sequence was wonderful. I liked that the got the name of Arthur's village (only mentioned in the radio series) right, and Ford paying for the drinks with an excessively big note (I was wondering how they would do that, forgot fifty quid notes existed). And keeping the dialog about Ford not really being from Guildford after all, given the casting, was inspired. :)

The messing around with Vogon beaurocracy was a good idea - being told how beaurocratic they are and not seeing any of that was bad... The change in plot about mice was also an improvement, I think. Point of View gun amusing. Didn't like the Deep Thought bits, though. I mean, WTF? The TV series had that spot on, they could have just re-used the footage. Although maybe the Americans wouldn't appreciate parodies of 1970s union disptues. ;) I suppose in order to be perfect it would have needed to be an hour longer to fit all the material in.

I don't know how comprehensible the film would be to people who don't know the story - I understand it has faced some criticism on that front. But I can't really sympathise with the blasting the film has taken from purists. Having a film based on a 27-year-old radio series (i mean, that's a year older than me), that keeps MUCH OF THE SAME DIALOG WORD FOR WORD is surely unprecedently loyal.

I look forward with some trepidation to The Restaurant At The End of the Universe. Adams didn't leave a script behind for that, so quite risky. Will be interesting to see what material is covered. From some hints dropped on this one, I think that the quest to find the man who runs the universe might be part of it.
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