Abi (abigailb) wrote,

I think my drink may have been spiked

i feel like absolutely shit now.

I have been unwell the last few hours rather than being able to sleep. I freel incredibyly dry now and am drinking lots and lots of water.

I didn't drink much last night. I had a double vodka and coke, and then part of another vodka and coke, and then stopped. After this I switched to soft drinks and water. I guess I may have left one of these unattended at one point. There was one paticular incident where I returned to a drink and not soon afterwards a creepy guy came and sat excessively close to me.


alternatively, this could just becaused by going out two nights in a row. I think that's a more preferabl thing to believe. I haven't got any blackouts - I never do.

[what I didn't mention in this post was that it also fucked with the way I was perceiving time, and made me super-huggy.]
Tags: social

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