Abi (abigailb) wrote,

looking into trains for the 5th to southampton. i see there is still no bloody train service between nuneaton and birmingham new street, instead replacement buses (which left me stranded and delayed by over an hour the weekend before last). this seems unrelated to strike action, unless the train drivers are refusing to go to birmingham for some reason. possibly nuneaton has replaced the pillars of hercules.

it's a four-hour journey already, if there is bus stress this could make it even more insane. pondering going via london instead.

i think i might re-capture the railway system one day. i could storm the british transport police office in leicester station, steal their truncheons and give them to fellow disgruntled passengers, who would go to other stations and repeat. then we could abolish fares and run many more trains, and bring car traffic down to sensible levels!
Tags: bloody trains, plans

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