Abi (abigailb) wrote,

unwelcome attention

I think it must have been idiots night out today.

I had - one guy creep me out on the bus by sitting next to me when in fact I was the only person on the rather large bus.

Several people try to talk to me on my way to the club.

I thought once I'd be in there, I'd be safe - but no. I get two of them in the same night.

Then, after I leave, and am searching for a taxi, I get the odd comment and in particular someone who follows me.

Now, I'm well past the point where I take this as a compliment (which I guess is progress in itself). I find it fucking scary; perhaps more so because I have absolutely no idea how to deal with it other than running away.

Do t-shirts with 'GO AWAY I AM A LESBIAN' written on them actually work?
Tags: social

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