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Subject: Hi.

It's traditional to introduce yourself at the start of a diary, but I'm not
about to do that.  You either know who I am, or make a good guess, or you
don't know, and I like it fine that way.

There's going to be a rather long info-dump coming soon, but here's a brief
summary of the last few months.  My problems go back a long way, but my
confrontation of them can be traced to one particular thing - Headaches.  
Migraine headaches.  Over the past year, these have become increasingly
more frequent and severe.  I can now go for weeks without having a fully clear
head.  It's been making work impossible.

There seem to be three stages

  1. painless (very rare these days)
  2. minor pain (90% of the time.  I can cope with loud music and flashing
  3. major pain, light and noise sensitivity (fortunately rate)

For the last six months, I've been trying various remedies prescribed by the
doctor.  Some have worked (to some extent), but not very well.  It seems it's
converting stage 3 to stage 2, which I'm cool with.  My doctor seems to think 
it may be depression related.  And he may well be right.  But he doesn't 
know one of the causes of my depression.

In other news, I've had a weird skin rash for the last six months again.  This isn't so bad, but is disfiguring, and it's bizarre that it hasn't cleared up yet.  I finally get to see a dermatologist about this next Monday.

And then to the doctor the day after.
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