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was a bit worse the wear today, not helped by staying up too late last night talking to sonjaaa on irc ;). i haven't done that in quite a while.

i shall be going to new potatoes on friday. i don't know what the band will be like this time, although apparently they are a 5-piece band? i think they will have to hang them from the ceiling.

also, at some point i need to find a way of disposing safely of the large quantity of spare alcohol produced by my party.

first weekend in march I am in soton for squirmelia's party, the second will be psychocandy, and the third weekend will be in oxford for otterylexa's. that works out nice and neatly. i am supposedly going to see yaz sometime in april, and possibly spindr in sheffield when she is well enough...

in the middle of all this, i need to find time to move, assuming the builders ever finish.
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