Abi (abigailb) wrote,

Arrested Development timeline; first draft

AD4 timeline

  • After "Development Arrested", Lucille and Michael turn their respective ships around and surrender.

  • At the Harbourmaster's lodge, George Michael breaks up with Maebe / Lindsay and Tobias split up.

  • Later that day: Gob plans to break up with Ann, but instead they have sex.

  • The next morning: Gob accidentally proposes to Ann.

  • George visits Sitwell, learns about plans for the Wall and him and Lucille plan to fake a divorce

  • Lindsay, Tobias and Maebe all independently head to India.

  • George visits Oscar's property, buys his land

  • Barry Zuckercorn misses the hearing

  • Lindsay and Tobias decide to try again on the marriage

  • George Michael's party thing / pre-trial strategy meeting. Gob and Ann announce their engagement (same time?). Barry admits to missing the hearing. George and Lucille announce a divorce. Michael finds out he didn't get any of the "stimmy". Michael sells his stocks to Lucille Austero and quits the family. "I hope you've saved some money because you'll need every dime now."

  • Michael sends George Michael to college.

  • Tobias and Lindsay buy a ridiculously large house on no income

  • Tobias starts handing out headshots; The Thanksgiving miracle; writer's striek begins (?)

  • Michael and Gob at the model house; Gob is practicing. Gob asks Michael to be his best man/assistant.

  • The day of the wedding of Gob and Ann. Nobody from the Bluths has turned up, apart from Tobias, who is Centurion #2. The trick goes wrong.

  • Two weeks later (?), Gob is found in a storage locker by Locker Hawkers.

  • Michael finishes Sudden Valley

  • Tobias and Lindsay's visit Tobias's Method One Acting clinic; they meet Marky Bark and Debrie.

  • Tobias, Lindsay, Marky and Debrie at Swappicans. They swap partners.

  • The Trial, to which none of the Bluths turn up.

    • Michael has skipped the family
    • George Michael is at college
    • Lindsay has run away with Marky Mark
    • Buster is late, making a banner
    • Gob is stuck in a boulder
    • Maeby is working in LA

  • 2 weeks after the wedding, the hut is opened; Gob is not present

  • Gob is discoverd by Locker Hawkers

  • The mud hut is put on Craigslist by the Veals?

  • a week later, Ann visits Gob in hospital, dumps him

  • Gob phones Steve Holt, meets him at "and Jeremy Piven". Steve offers Gob a job at his pest control business. Gob stays at the bar and does tricks for Mark Cherry (and briefly Rebel Alley)

  • Gob becomes a member of Mark Cherry's entourage

  • Gob starts to fall out of favour; Mark Cherry writes "Getway Getaway".
  • Maeby gets fired by Kitty at Imagine for not having a high school diploma

  • Maeby starts squatting at the Penthouse.

  • Lindsay, Marky Bark and Cindy move into the penthouse, displacing Maeby, who moves to the Model Home, which is in a now-completed Sudden Valley

  • Michael has problems selling houses. The bubble bursts. Michael borrows $700,000 from Lucille 2 on May 1, 2008.

  • Maeby enrolls at high school again, as Maeby Finke, for 3rd time

  • Maeby enrolls at high school for a 4th time (as Maeby Featherbottom)

  • Maeby enrolls at high school for a 5th time (as Maeby Flunke)

  • start of term: George Michael starts his senior year. He is assigned a larger than needed room because they think he is two people

  • six months before Cinco, mention of Thanksgiving. Pete dies. Michael moves to George Michael's dorm. George Michael has a moustache!

  • Maeby visits George Michael for tutoring; Michael tells her about George Michael's "privacy" and "block" software; George Michael bullshits

  • "six months later", April 2012 it seeems: George Michael and P-Hound try to decide whether FakeBlock is really possible. "I'm putting up a wall. We need to rework our whole system here". They get the idea for a vote.

  • Michael is voted out of the dorm

  • Michael goes to the airport to try and get a copy of their in-flight magazine (April-September issue), ends up in Phoenix.

  • Michael goes to the penthouse, discovers it is a complete tip and further that there is an ostrich there.

  • Michael gets a company car from Google.

  • Maeby finds out about the undercover cop at high school, suspects it is Perfecto. She is 23 at this point. She needs the cash so she rents out the model home to To Entrap A Local Predator. She suspects that Perfecto is the undercover cop.

  • Maeby bumps into Barry Zuckercorn with a small stepladder outside the High School; she finds the ostrich at the penthouse still. She looks for the royalty cheque from Gangie 4, but cannot find it, as Lindsay found it "a day earlier". She gets the Opie Award invitation, though.

  • "days later" after last Maeby entry, Donnie Richter threatens Maeby with flunking again; she devises a plan to entrap Perfecto

  • Lucille 2 offers Tobias a job, Tobias declines it.

  • Gob finds out his bees aren't doing very well, they get put in the trunk of the limo.
  • DeBrie dumps Tobias and enter's Gob's limo.
  • The bees/limo incident.

  • Gob sneaks out to go to the Opies later; Mark Cherry checks into rehab

  • Tobias visits the model home, where he believes Maeby is living, but is entrapped by John Beard. Tobias is sent to prison.

  • A "Thursday" - the Opies

    • George Michael drives Maeby there in the stair car
    • "Gentlemen start your engines", George Michael books a room for a night
    • Maeby bumps into Mort Myers, who is there to launch Schnoodle
    • Maeby then bumps into Rebel Alley, who she knew from Imagine
    • Maeby starts telling people at the hotel about FakeBlock
    • George Michael starts going by the name "George Maharis"
    • Maeby sees Perfecto; says she knows he's a cop
    • Maeby grabs some shrimp, bumps into Lindsay, wearing a red wig. They trade insults. Lindsay has already given the cheque to George earlier that day, it has been given to Herbert Love and then to other guy
    • Maeby announces FakeBlock with George Maharis in a profanity-laden speech
    • Maeby runs away with the Opie, is being chased, but something else has happened
    • Gob uses this as a diversion to lock what he believes to be Tony Wonder's cabinet, but is actually the one Marky Mark is hiding in
    • Tony Wonder escapes
    • The Explosion - GM is trying to take a photo of Noah Munck from iCarly
    • The Explosion seems to ruin Schnoodle somehow
    • Maeby watches Lindsay talk to Herbert Love
    • Maeby confronts Lindsay about this, calls her a whore
    • Herbert Love's campaign manager gives Maeby the money from the cheque, in exchange for Lindsay's services

  • The day after the Opies, Maeby phones Herbert Love to pimp out Lindsay again

  • Ron Howard contacts Michael regarding Untitled Michael B Project (the film). Barry Zuckercorn is on trial, it appears - something to do with the "Zuckercorn incident".

  • Michael visits Ron Howard, gets business cards and is sent on a mission to secure release forms. Barry's thing went quite badly and he is being photographed and fingerprinted. He meet cutes Rebel, fails to get her name, but is told that she will be playing at the Ealing club tomorrow. Gob nearly runs down Michael while talking to Lucille on the phone - she wants Gob as new President of the company

  • Michael returns to the penthouse to look for his father to get a release, it's really Oscar. He really needs the rights.

  • Michael contacts Carl Weathers regarding Scandalmakers. Michael assembles a team consisting of Carl Weathers, Warden Gentles, and Andy Richter.

  • Michael working at Orange County Imagine. George walks into his office one day thinking it to be Orange County Imaging and they make A Deal. They go for a coffee, the rights get signed.

  • Later that day, Michael goes to the Ealing Club to watch Rebel's band. They kiss in the photo booth and then make love.

  • Gob visits the desert; discovers the sweat cave is the same one he'd used for the magic trick, and a cross in the secret compartment, which he takes to be Tony Wonder's.

  • Facebook/Schnoodle is on a news report by John Beard; George Maharis is a mystery man

  • Steve Holt's birthday: Michael hires Gob to sell houses in Sudden Valley; Gob invites him to his date at a gay club where he wants to destroy Tony Wonder; Gob signs the movie rights.

  • Steve Holt's birthday, he does pest control at the model house (I have had to drop this bit in!)

  • George Michael goes back to campus; corrects P-Hound's belief that George Maharis was someone else. Maeby is waiting in the dorm room and tells George Michael that she's got FakeBlock mentioned on Mad Money. Gob calls him, he wants to meet him at a gay club ("do I seem like a clown to you").

  • Later, Gob and George Michael at the Gothic Castle; Gob tries to sabotage Tony Wonder's trick; they instead bond. Tony Wonder has shaved legs. Gob is borrowing Tobias's car.

  • Later that evening, George Michael at the Ealing club; Andy Richter not able to get in because another of the Richter brothers is using his membership. Rebel sees "George Maharis". Michael and George Michael fail to meet up and exchange lies about a plane crash. Michael sees Ron Howard, who wants George Michael's signature. GM becomes aware that M was there but not vice versa.

  • Day after gay club, probably: Gob and Tobias discuss love at the model home. Tobias takes a house in Sudden Valley. Gob finds out that Sudden Valley would be perfect for sex offenders.

  • Later that afternoon: Gob leaves a message for Tony. "well, that was fast, you hot little". But actually it's Lucille, who tells him to make it look as if construction has started on the wall.

  • Gob tries to recruit people for wall-building, fails.

  • Over the next few days Maeby continues to pimp out her mother

  • The next day (?): Gob goes to the border; it is suggested that they use Chinese labour. Tony Wonder calls. He's in bed with Sally Sitwell, who has stolen $100,000 from Lucille A.

  • Michael/Rebel and Love/Lindsay double date; George Michael arranges to meet Rebel instead, he lies about having a "work thing" when Michael calls back. P-Hound offers Michael a "peace pizza".

  • The next day: Rebel shoots a PSA about don't text and driving. P-Hound complains about George Michael. There is voting. Lots of twins are involved. George Michael is voted out, bumps into Gob, who tries to roofie George Michael regarding the events of "a few nights earlier". George Michael agrees to buy a house in Sudden Valley.

  • FakeBlock office set up; Maeby gets investment from Lucille 2, and possession of the stair car and Lucille 2's Cadillac

  • "the next few days" after Gob's last entry, they fill Sudden Valley with sex offenders

  • Gob tries to visit the Gayest Little Ballroom for a date with Tony Wonder but Siri gets confused. Michael follows him in the Google car. Michael believes that Gob is Rebel's other love interest. Gene Parmesan is buying a knife next door.

  • Michael visits Lucille, tears up her movie rights, then, on the phone with George, tears up his movie rights.

  • Gob and Tony Wonder have a date. They plan to have sex on Cinquo. (possibly tomorrow)

  • George Michael settles in at Sudden Valley; invites Rebel to visit, who brings Lem.

  • Michael (Google Street View car) and Gob (limo with big cross) almost collide when driving to the Model Home. Both to take up residence there. Maeby is still living there.

  • May 2. Maeby shows George Michael the FaceBlock office and tells him about the keynote speech at Cinco de Cuatro (May 4th). He fires her.

  • Later on May 2. Maeby runs into Michael outside the penthouse. Michael gets Maeby to sign the release form for the film. Maeby finds out that Michael is Rebel's "other guy", and stirs. Maeby then goes and has sex with Perfecto in Lucille 2's apartment.

  • Michael visits Rebel, tries to avoid proposing to her. They have sex, and he nicks the photos from the photo booth. Leaving, he realises who "George Maharis" must be.

  • Michael and George Michael meet at Sudden Valley. They reconcile almost, except Michael doesn't tell him that he knows who his girlfriend is. Michael returns to the penthouse to find a note from Argyle, demanding $700,000. Michael drinks and then propositions Lucille 2.

  • May 3. "Off The Hook" opens. 6 weeks ago, Buster was "desperate for a mother".

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