Abi (abigailb) wrote,

I have mostly recovered from the deathplague, which made the prospect of my return to work last week entirely moot. Tomorrow I have a neurology appointment, after which I will report back and see what happens. I am hoping to be able to return soon because I am getting BORED. There's only so much X-Men one person can read.

In between bouts of getting angry at the newspaper, today we played a game of Illuminati, with this custom card.

We also played, the five of us, our first 3 games of Risk Legacy. After the third game we opened one of the packs of extra rules and cards.

I was looking for a new boardgame anyway, as it's been a year or two since I bought a new one for the Pembury Tavern), but Kieron Gillen reviews it here, and that piece is what tipped me over the edge into deciding to buy it. It is everything he says it is, I can't imagine playing another board game when we that set of five people assembled. But no, we're not keeping it in the pub. That would be far too much like sharing someone's sex toys.

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