Abi (abigailb) wrote,

I have had ups and downs. I returned to Leicester for Christmas, spent three nights there, came back, and had a suprisingly decent new years period, even managing some socialising (including a NYE thing).

I attempted to work (from home, obv) the last three days of last week. I fixed one bug from my list, but this was overall a frustrating experience. It felt like there was a brick wall in my head.

I got a better idea of what was going on with that on Saturday, when some of the usual suspects gathered at my house, and we tried to learn bridge. It was interesting how bad I was at this. I already know the basic trick-taking mechanics so could actually participate (we weren't doing bidding) but I was failing to keep track of fairly basic things like whether aces had come out, sometimes was making really stupid game-losing mistakes, and completely failed to follow the overall scoring mechanism.

Looking back at it this makes sense of the mistakes I was making with my debugging, where I was able to successfuly use the skills I have internalised (finding out what code was going wrong; it helps that I'd written that code), but then got very confused about why it was failing to work (because I'd changed something else, temporarily). I.e. I am able to excercise existing skills and remember things I knew, but just not remember new things.

Otherwise: I have been continuing to have staring episodes, particularly when I'm just sitting there quietly. Bits of my brain feel numb. Mostly it's the left hand side but today it seems concentrated on the right hemisphere, just for a change, and is actually properly hurty. I can feel a general pulsating inside my head which feels like it's my pulse, which is still terrifying. (I have had my blood pressure checked many times recently and no it is not particularly high, so I dunno.) The tinnitus is still ongoing. It doesn't help I've got this cold or whatever that's going around. I've been bunged up since last week, and I was pretty badly ill on Saturday, too. Popping noises keep happening inside my head, which I think is sinus related, but still. Do not want.

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