Abi (abigailb) wrote,

Yesterday continued OK. I had people round (as I do on Wednesdays) for watching things in the evening. We watched the first two episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles (or as I keep calling it The Sarah Jane Chronicles. We liked them and will continue to watch the series.)

Today's GP appointment went about as well as could be expected. They don't know me, they don't have my notes, I had a lot of medical history to get them up to speed on. I had fasted and therefore was able to have a blood test that morning. I have an appointment on Monday week.

Head has been fair. It got a bit weird last night but then I woke up as bright as I get these days. While waiting for the GP I felt things bursting or something in my head, and my fluency noticeably declined immediately, which is further indication of something Not Quite Right.

If I do not get a referral to a neurologist at that appointment then I am going to throw money at the problem (whether or not it is covered by work insurance). That is, I have decided, my limit. I Need To Get This Sorted Out. No, Really.

walked back home (via a much-needed lunch in Wanstead) with khalinche. Pleasant walk - hadn't done that journey before. I chilled for a bit at home before heading into town to pick up comics. Home again now. Ate. Going to settle down and read a good chunk of The Hydrogen Sonata now.


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