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[REDACTED] On A Spaceship: An Adventure in Time and Space

I keep seeing people on the internet claim that it felt like "Dinosaurs On A Spaceship" was a 6-part story compressed to 45 minutes. Let's work out what that 6-part story would have been paced like.

Episode 1.

The Doctor is still in ancient Egypt having had an adventure (depicted in the last story) with Queen Nefertiti. He receives a telephone call from the future regarding a spaceship about to plummet into Earth (by the way I really like the idea of a spaceship full of dinosaurs about to crash into Earth in the future, causing their extinction - very Earthshock), and rounds up a gang, including Amy, Rory and Brian, and Riddell. They arrive On A Spaceship (which is the title of this story for this episode) - the cliffhanger is the discovery of Dinosaurs!

Episode 2.

The gang make their way through the spaceship. Cliffhanger is the Doctor, Rory and Brian discovering themselves in what appears to be a beach in south Wales.

Episode 3.

The Doctor, Rory and Brian realise that the beach is actually the engine room, where they encounter pterodactyls. As they flee, they encounter some camp robots, who threaten them.

Meanwhile, Amy, the Queen and Riddell investigate the ship's computer, and discover that it was an Ark. Amy recognises the constructors... the Silurians!

Episode 4.

The Doctor, Rory and Brian are taken to a prison cell after an initial confrontation with Solomon. They then spend the entire episode trying to break out, which they manage at the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, Amy and co go to the cryotubes where the Silurians ought to be, only to find them all empty!

Episode 5.

The Doctor and Amy have a telephone conversation, wherein Amy explains that there's no sign of the Silurians. Main confrontation with Solomon. He reveals that he killed the Silurians and plans to sell the Dinosaurs.
He is shocked to hear about the missiles, teleports the others there, and announces his intention to kidnap Queen Nefe. To which she agrees!

Episode 6.

Final episode. The Doctor reprogrammes the IFF system on Solomon's ship to emit the code that the Silurian ship was previously doing, and goes and rescues Nefe, and then takes off the magnetic lock. Meanwhile, Rory and Brian pilot the ship (which involves them being unconscious), and Amy and Riddell defend themselves against dinosaurs.


There is no epilogue. What's an epilogue?

Yeah, I don't think I want to watch that version.

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