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09:57 pm: Kapow!
As I mentioned in the last post, I went to Kapow! at the weekend, at the Islington Business Centre. I enjoyed it - people were quite friendly and chatty, there was lots of indie and small press stuff to buy. I went to just a couple of panels - the Cup O' Joe and AvX panel, which overlapped a fair bit.

Got various comics signed by various people (Cornell, Quesada, Granov, Quitely, Gillen, Ross, Weston). Had brief chat with Jonathan Ross where I thanked him for (eventually) apologising for his stupid joke earlier in the year - what he said in response makes me believe he really does get why it upset people so, and why those complaints deserved to be taken seriously.

The most exciting bit, though, was me getting a sketch by Chris Weston (of Dynamic Man from The Twelve) - the first I've had done at a con. I have framed it and should put it on my wall.

MCM Expo is this weekend. It'd be mad to go to that, as well, wouldn't it? Hmm.

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