Abi (abigailb) wrote,

I've been on the amitriptyline for a fortnight now. Since I've started I managed a full (short) work week of the 8th-11th, was really migrainey the 12th/13th, and then the next week was incapacitated on the Wednesday and worked from home on the Thursday. This weekend was really good - I managed to go to the Kapow! Comic Convention both days, and it was the first non-migrainey weekend I'd had in quite a while.

I am a bit nervous about tomorrow, as it's a Wednesday, and there seems to be something about Wednesdays lately that's setting them off.

I was supposed to be increasing the dosage from 10mg/day to 20mg/day now, but I've decided to delay this for the moment, as I'm finding the drowsiness in the morning side effect quite problematic.

On other fronts - I have tried a little bit to improve my environment at work, but it's quite tricky. I have invested in some noise-cancelling headphones, which show quite how insanely noisy the office is, and I've been listening to familiar music a bit, which is helping a little. I have failed to get my eyes tested. I really should do this. Perhaps this weekend, although this weekend will be busy, what with my lodger moving in on Thursday. (Oh, I didn't mention that, did I? I am renting out the spare room! I have lived alone now for over five years, so it might take some getting used to...)

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