Abi (abigailb) wrote,

migraine clinic

The Migraine Clinic was useful. They've gone through triggers and told me some stuff I didn't realise before. In particular, I hadn't realised lie-ins are a common trigger. I am now going to try getting up when I wake up, damn the clock, and see what that does. I have also decided to try sleeping in the (darker) spare room, see if that helps with regularity of sleep.

I apparently should not have been on the paramax in the first place, at least not 4 daily. It is more commonly used for an attack, not as a preventative. Instead for that I am to take amitriptyline. For attacks I am going to take domperidone with ibuprofen. Apparently the anti-emetic component of this actually helps absorbtion of the painkiller part due to its effects on the stomach - that's why ibuprofen usually doesn't work for me, because it just isn't getting absorbed.

He asked whether I'd had a head scan done - I was able to show him the results of the MRI I'd had done in September. He definitely thinks I should push to see a neurologist based on that.

I should change GPs. But I also need to get a script for the amitriptyline (I had a private prescription for 28 days). So I think I'll make one last appointment at the existing one to get that, and then find one in Leyton/Leytonstone to register with (any recommendations?)

I am now back at the office for the first time since I get sent home on Wednesday.

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