Abi (abigailb) wrote,

creepy but handy

It's London. The distant future. The year 2012.

Some friends gather at a house to play D&D. Two of them are catching a taxi there for the first time, and don't know the way, so they find out where their host is at the moment on Google Latitude, and use the "get directions" feature so they can tell the driver where to go. Their hostess knows they are nearby and hears car doors opening. She opens the door to see them looking around trying to see where the door number is.

Shortly afterwards, the hostess is bemoaning that she ran out of codeine. They use the internet to find a nearby Sunday-opening pharmacy, and make plans to send someone out to get some. Then they check the location of people again, and notice that another friend, who is on the way, is at a junction right outside the chemist, probably waiting for a bus. A phone call is made, and codeine is acquired, with no more than say 5 minutes delay to that person's arrival.

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