Abi (abigailb) wrote,

I had a very geeky weekend. On Saturday I went to the London Super Comic Convention, which was quite good fun. I went to a panel on writing, bought some small press/indie stuff, and some creator-owned things from creators I like. Headed to the Pembury afterwards and maybe had a few drinks. Now, some of you know me quite well, and will know I do strange things when I am drunk.

This weekend's strange drunken activity was setting up a blog where I read all the X-Men comics from the start. I am aiming for about 250 words per comic per day, and will be trying to be insightful and analytic (within my untrained limits) rather than sarcastic. I have them queued up to Wednesday and will try to add issues #5 and #6 to my queue tonight.

I've tried this as a reading project before a few years ago, but kind of abandoned it. I hope the discipline of blogging about it will force me to continue this time. Hopefully it will also produce something worth reading, too!

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