Abi (abigailb) wrote,

proposed Misfits episodes names

So, I've been enjoying Misfits. It's one of those crazy shows that doesn't have episode names. FTFY.

  • S1E1 - The One With the Storm
  • S1E2 - The One Where Nathan Fucks a Grandmother
  • S1E3 - The One With the Concrete
  • S1E4 - The One Where Curtis Tries to Fix His Past
  • S1E5 - The One With the Mind-Controlling Baby
  • S1E6 - The One Where Nathan Dies
  • S2E1 - The One Where Nathan Lives
  • S2E2 - The One With the Half-Brother
  • S2E3 - The One With the Tattoos That Become Real
  • S2E4 - The One Where Simon Dies
  • S2E5 - The One With the Gorilla
  • S2E6 - The One With Milkneto
  • S2E7 - The One Where They All Sell Their Powers
  • S3E1 - The One Where They Meet Rudy
  • S3E2 - The One Where Curtis Cheats on Himself
  • S3E3 - The One With the Comic Books That Become Real
  • S3E4 - The One Where Kelly Kicks the Shit Out of Hitler
  • S3E5 - The One With the Body-Swap
  • S3E6 - The One With the Lesson in Safe Sex
  • S3E7 - The One With the Cat-Zombie
  • S3E8 - The One Where Alisha Dies
  • S4E1 - The One Which Starts in Medias Res
  • S4E2 - The One Where Finn Claims to Like Shitting In Buckets
  • S4E3 - The One With The Third Rudy
  • S4E4 - The One Where Curtis Dies
  • S4E5 - The One With Finn's Sister (Half-Sister)
  • S4E6 - The One With the Really Bad Trip
  • S4E7 - The One With the Cockswapping
  • S4E8 - The One With the Nuns

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