Abi (abigailb) wrote,

new tiles, new errors

Google Maps has got a new tileset since I last noticed. Obvious defects in areas I am familiar with.

1. London omitted at Z5 in favour of Reading
2. placenames in London that appear at Z11 disappear at Z12. The placenames on Z12 are a strange set, mostly the larger parks ("Hackney Marsh", "Victoria Park", but no Hackney, for example), but also "Harringay Ladder", which is a name I've never seen on a map before, and particularly oddly "The London Wetland Centre (The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust)".
3. There's a "Dodgy Park" that has appeared just west of East Ferry Road on the Isle of Dogs, which seems to be some sort of nickname
4. Walthamstow Village is captioned "Upper Walthamstow", entirely the wrong place
5. the part of Wardour Street south of Shaftesbury Avenue is still labelled "Whitcomb Street", five years on and counting.
6. Knightsbridge label applied to an area west of Exhibition Road

Problems in new render:

1. railways render weird when bunched together at Z13 particularly and closer, e.g. around Stonebridge Park or the approaches to Kings Cross St Pancras.

But hey, at least

1. the M25 is no longer labelled as an "Autoroute britannique", and
2. and it doesn't think the A329 through Reading is a motorway any more

I don't know what exactly is going on here, but from the outside it appears Google Maps has been generally getting poorer with time. Absurdly poorer. I can only assume they don't test with London. Or possibly at all.

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