Abi (abigailb) wrote,

House update

All went through nicely last Thursday. Since then I have

*had replacement carpets fitted upstairs. old carpets being picked up soon.
*had a fridge-freezer, a bedframe, and a dining table delivered
*started assembling the dining table
*got a washing machine on order
*arranged for a car for moving boxes on this Sunday morning and the Sunday after (help with box wrangling would be welcome)
*arranged professional movers for furniture on the 6th
*ordered a telephone line, to be connected on the 9th

I need to:

*sort out bills, council tax, contents insurance
*buy curtains for upstairs
*get more quotes for work on fascia & soffit

Also, it would be good to:
*get fusebox replaced with something modern, put kitchen on separate ring, some more sockets in kitchen
*lighting fixtures need properly attaching to ceiling, rather than just dangling from wires
*doors are hung slightly too low for the carpet

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