Abi (abigailb) wrote,

Doctor Who: The Curse of Fenric

Another good one. It continues Ace's development, here having her encountering her mother as a baby, and her reaction to that.

And then of course, it comes to episode 4, where the Doctor has to try and break her faith in him, by essentially denouncing her. I'd seen this before, but it's all the more powerful in context, after having watched those stories. And it makes sense: teenagers don't just accidentally end up on Iceworld after exploding too much stuff. Maybe in season 24 they did. But here, in season 26, that's not the case. And there are lots of other awesome bits, particularly Rev. Wainwright confronting the haemovores.

It is well-shot, and although apparently it ran massively long and had to be edited down, doesn't suffer too badly from that. It has the first instance of narration from one scene being continued over other shots that I can remember in Doctor Who, and it also has some interesting camera work/POV shots in the Ace-on-the-ladder sequence. Only real weakness in the staging is the fight sequences, which, again, don't really convince. (I'm sure the actual fight choreography isn't worse than it is in a lot of TV these days, but modern TV tends to disguise it by a] sound effects, and b] cutting very rapidly)

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