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11:42 pm: Doctor Who: Greatest Show in the Galaxy
This evening I watched "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy", by Stephen Wyatt, the final serial of season 25 (1988). I found it genuinely enjoyable as a piece of television, and probably the strongest McCoy story yet. It was particularly well-shot and edited (for this era), with very few instances of long lingering shots that I wondered why they aren't cutting from that yet. The story kept moving, and the backstory exposition - often a weak point in Doctor Who - was handled carefully.

Guestcharacterwise, I particularly liked Mags. While she has been marginalised by Cook, an important part of the narrative is her regaining agency. Ace was also well-served, with a theme from the last story (her dealing with her fears in "Silver Nemesis"), being picked up on here! It's almost like we are getting some character development for a companion!

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Date:July 6th, 2011 12:54 pm (UTC)
I only started in 1980, so I haven't watched that yet.
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