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Note this recipe is quantity-free. If I am catering for Bab5 (which tends to get 6-8 people), I will use maybe 500g (dry) of rice, and 500g of chicken, which will feed everyone with seconds.

1. boil some rice in water for 10 minutes, so as to be edible.
2. leave it to dry out for as long as possible (30 mins minimum, a couple of hours seems good).
3. meanwhile, grill some chicken. tear the chicken into shreds.
4. beat some eggs. I use about 1 large egg per 100 grams (uncooked) rice. To this add toasted sesame oil, maybe a half teaspoon per egg.
5. heat a wok/frying pan, with oil. medium heat. once it is hot enough, put the rice in.
6. keep stirring the rice around.
7. after a couple of minutes, clear part of the pan and introduce half the egg bit. let it start to coagulate a bit first, and then stir this into the rice.
8. do again with the rest of the egg. these steps should take a couple of minutes.
9. introduce the chicken bits
10. introduce some soy sauce, couple of tablespoons worth, possibly, while continuing to stir round for another minute or two
11. done.

If I stick to this it seems to come out OK. If the rice is too wet (either through overcooking or through not being left to dry for long enough), it causes problems; and the one time I actually properly screwed it up I was using an electric hob and didn't realise quite how hot it was, leading to burning.

It is possible to insert other things at step 9, obviously, or nothing at all. We tried random vegetable bits once, that worked quite well, I am told.
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