Abi (abigailb) wrote,

Tron: Legacy

*is certainly the best 2 hour long Daft Punk music video I've seen. Mind, I've not seen Interstella 5555.
*has OK de-aging. I bought it, mostly. The most jarring thing was Jeff Bridges' voice
*has UNIX jokes. more films should have UNIX jokes. Particularly romantic comedies with Jennifer Aniston: they would be greatly improved thereby.
*has insufficient Bruce Boxleitner
**(does the fact that Bruce Boxleitner has played the title character in a 2010 film that took $67 million on its opening weekend make a Babylon 5 film any more likely?)
*made me laugh out loud at the WarGames reference, entirely breaking any small elements of suspension of disbelief that I may have had at that moment
*fails the Bechdel Test on 2 of 3 counts
*is a very high-contrast film, which meant that ghosting in the 3D was a noticeable problem in certain scenes (that is, where the lenses do not entirely block the light intended for the other eye). I don't know whether this is because of the kit Stratford has, or whether I'd spot it elsewhere.
*was ultimately not disappointing, but not great.
Tags: films

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