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06:50 pm:

Warriors of the Deep is not very good, but was better than I expected. The lighting, the Myrka, the humanoid monsters, the rubber door all testify to a particularly troubled and rushed production. And yet it works as a story mostly - some nice little touches like 'what have you been eating' and 'make a wish' that don't happen much in this era. Rather haphazard direction style - as the two human agents loudly discuss their evil plan on the bridge without being heard and not even bothering to affect a stage whisper. The bit where Turlough removes a chair from below the air vent he's going to climb into is a bit odd too. I didn't remember any particular bits, and in fact the bit of them shooting people with the middle eye isn't in this story! I don't know what I remember, then...

Resurrection of the Daleks is really good! It keeps moving, is mostly appropriately lit, has some nice guest performances. The only really silly bit is when the Doctor sits on a bed and you can hear the bubblewrap pop! If only it had been like this rather than Warriors more often. I keep noticing very striking similarities to Victory of the Daleks: in both cases a Dalek remnant, nearly defeated, uses time corridor technology and duplicates of humans to enact a heist to obtain access to the only thing that can can revive the Dalek race, as a new Dalek race, even more deadly, and Daleks exterminating Daleks. In both, a Dalek duplicate being persuaded he has free will provides an important moment. For that matter the set design between the two Dalek ships is similar.

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