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reconstruction of a childhood

So, The King's Demons picks up from the end of Enlightenement, with them heading to Turlough's planet, but that's easy to fix, as they need to return Old Nyssa first and then they can be heading back there. It's a welcome return to historical times and as usual the BBC design and costume depts comes up with the goods. I can't even begin to speculate why these types of stories were so thin on the ground at this point. The plot is very light even for a 2 parter, not helped by me knowing the two big reveals in advance. It would probably not be the most original observation that Kamelion appears ill thought out. Seriously, why not get a human in a suit to play a humanoid robot, if that's what you want? C3P0 proves this can be done. Casting stunt, nothing else.

He says he'll go to the 'eye of Orion' at the end of that one, and by golly, he actually makes it in the next episode! A first? I tried to watch The Five Doctors, I swear. I've managed it maybe a couple of times, but I just get so frustrated. It assembles this magnificent cast, and then forgets to have anything more than the most rudimentary story about them. I know it's an exercise in nostalgia, but it seems to me to be a wasted opportunity - very little interaction between the Doctors. A very rough deal for the companions
too, nothing like the Rose/Sarah Jane banter in School Reunion. I want to like this story so much... :-(

I've ordered Warriors of the Deep. I think this is where my
memories kick in, in that I certainly remember the old Silurians when I was little (4 1/2 I must have been). The other very strong memory I have is of carrot juice, so I must have been watching up to the end of s23 (when i was 7). I have no specific recollection of any stuff after that, except
for DiT of course...

A curious one is I remember very dimly K-9 and corridors. I don't even know if I'll know it when I see it. Must have been a repeat...
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