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More Doctor Who s20

Terminus is poor. At the start spends ten minutes or more on the TARDIS on 'character' stuff which has little
on the remainder. Tegan catches Turlough by the roundel he sabotaged and expresses suspicion of him, but then when the TARDIS goes wrong very soon afterwards doesn't mention her suspicions again. Also, did I miss a scene in Mawdryn Undead where Turlough admits he's an alien? Cos at the start his dialog with Tegan indicates that and she doesn't bat an eyelid. The core story is not the worst i've seen, but the bit about Terminus being the centre of the 'universe' and causing its creation is offensively stupid and completely unnecessary both to the plot and thematically. Threatened destruction if Terminus itself would be enough.

I watched the DVD re-edit of Enlightenment. This was fun and didn't feel like a slog at all - which even the best old who sometimes does for me - it was properly immersive. Comparing the opening of it and the orginal edit, it's interesting that the use of background noise appears to be the most important element of that. Turlough is clearly known to be an alien. I really must have missed the bit where he outs himself in Mawdryn.

I am now listening to "The Whispering Forest", set between these and the next televised story.
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