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Back from psychocandyclub which was good, as usual!

I didn't take many photos but my namesake (lady_miamew) did, we will see how they come out in the morning when I can be bothered. (and don't worry, Abi this time you'll get a veto)

Something vaguely disturbing happened which was me being chatted up by a random guy. He explained how he was deaf in one ear due to being a bomb disposal expert in the army, and showed me his army card. I could tell he was chatting me up because he felt the need to say that he wasn't.

landvaettir said I should poke his eyes out, or possibly get riak to do it, but this seemed unlikely (and anyway, he might poke mine back, what with his army training). He later moved onto other Abi, and to Mark. Abi thought he was chatting her up, too. So we pretended to be lesbians (ok, so I didn't have to pretend very hard). It occured to me later that I could have gotten rid of him very easily, but that would have been cheating!

But apart from the random squaddie, was a good night. My ears hurt and are ringing - Neal said it really was louder this time.

I am thinking about seeing The Magic Roundabout tomorrow at the cinema. Who wants to come? Showings are 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 4.30pm, 6.45pm.
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