Abi (abigailb) wrote,

I fulfilled a long-held ambition today, that I've had since I moved to east London, of going to Southend-on-Sea: the natural holiday resort for people in this part of London in days gone by. It was alright. There was a credible seafront, a groovy-looking fun park, and best of all: an actual sand beach. The pier was long (we walked there and then caught the little train back), but there wasn't as much at the end of it as I might have hoped. But hey. We didn't do much then a recon, was too tired. Would go again. Definitely worth taking a bucket and spade.

One curious thing is the new (or apparently refurbished/expanded) Victoria shopping centre, which was very shiny and clean and new, but had very poor occupancy and was virtually deserted at what should be the busiest shopping time, Saturday afternoon. I know this isn't exactly the best time to be opening retail, but Westfield London and Highcross Leicester have managed much better occupancy rates.

We got the train from Liverpool Street-Southend Victoria. For the way back I got the idea to get an excess to make the return ticket valid from Southend Central-Fenchurch Street, thus going on a different line, but the person at the Southend Central ticket office refused to sell an excess. Also seem to have got a Network Railcard, which is a pretty good deal and I should have got before Eastbourne.
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