Abi (abigailb) wrote,

Well, that was a nicely insane night.

I first went to see the Dears at the Charlotte. Said hi to fox_in_snow (hope I didn't scare you too much!) I really liked the the first support band, Pure Reason Revolution. And so apparently did other people, because their CD had sold out not even halfway through their set. Didn't enjoy Ambulance Ltd so much (this seems to becoming a habit of mine, disliking the middle band). And then the Dears, who were excellent.

They finished about 23.35, so I then ran (well, walked briskly) to the Fan Club for the last Spellbound. This was rather odd. So many people there, such a good atmosphere (apart from the random townies). It was a good send-off. The last song played was by the Sisters, I think, and before then was Siouxsie and the Banshees.

I took lots of photos at both places. I think I got the lens sorted out, but we'll see. I took a scary number of photos, and got some people to take photos of me too - hopefully something usable as a usericon because I am getting bored with this one. Despite my decision to come home at 1am, I didn't, and am glad of it. I am now quite awake and not very drunk. I shouldn't be too bad this morning, I hope.

Update: It is 9.33 and I am dead.
Tags: music, social

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