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12:39 am: Went to see Twilight this evening. Notes

*Nothing in it actually made me storm out in disgust
*Very hard to take anything in it seriously, I kept giggling at the slightest provocation
*Easy to follow despite my lack of familiarity with the source material
*The romantic dialog was better than that in Attack of the Clones
*No really, he's a [SPOILER]???
*Kirsten Stewart will make a good Jessica Jones in about five or ten years
*The High School was actually a happy place for all the characters!
*Either they were making a deliberate stylistic choice, or this is a good example of a film which suffers for being only 24fps (they'd turned the motion blur right down in certain scenes, leaving it looking very very odd)



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Date:January 16th, 2009 03:09 am (UTC)
That's quite the impression I got and I haven't seen it :)

I read the plot synopsis for the movie - it was absurd.
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