Abi (abigailb) wrote,


The party (and electrotribe) in pictures (apart from the bits where nobody took any)

The camera got rather screwed up so many of the distance shots were unusable. Unfortunately these included all ones of me! Other people also escaped photography somehow.

sealup the cybergoth, and ickle_yuki

sealpup says hello to zub

Bingo (Sam) helping ickle_yuki steal sealpup's hair

Ok, then I have no idea what order these are in

otterylexa looking like Trinity? or like Lara Croft? You vote!

otterylexa adjusts to the light

Serriadh (Ruan) trying to stare the camera out

Darth riak

landvaettir from above

greeba from somewhere. (photo credit: landvaettir)

I quite like the power that taking photographs in clubs gives me. Muhaha. I shall have to bring my camera next time I'm out, too!
Tags: party, photos

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