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11:12 am: It appears the first people will be getting here around fourish hopefully. We will adjourn some hours later to Electrotribe. Everyone on the entire planet is invited.

Car directions -

Use your favourite webrouting service. Be careful of the evil one-way system.

Bus directions -

You want the number 52 bus to Scraptoft from Leicester city centre. The bus stop for this is on Humberstone Gate, outside the Sainsbury's (on the left side of Humberstone Gate as you walk east from the Clock Tower).

You want to get off at the terminus of the bus - after it enters Scraptoft, it turns left, goes down a hill, passes some shops, turns right, and then that bus stop there, outside the ex-campus. Get off here, go down the hill, cross the road at the evil corner, and then poke through the gap in the hedge to the service road. Number 8.

If you get lost, phone me.

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