Abi (abigailb) wrote,

I was taking part in a race. It was in some part of the West End, but not a part I know. Some people were running on foot, others were in their spaceships. I was one of the spaceship people. It was one lap. Unfortunately, I lost, to a couple of the people running on foot, which sucked pretty badly because hey, I was in a spaceship with an FTL drive, and you wouldn't expect that, right? Then I examined the finishing area, and I noticed that the council had been resurfacing the pavement and the reason I had stopped just a few hundred metres short of the finish was because they'd left a gap in the hoardings small enough for people to get through, but not large enough for this spaceship. I protested to the organisers of the race, but they didn't see my point.

I don't remember anything about the spaceship much except it had a kind of reality-warping drive that did strange things - I was very worried that the kitchen would catch on fire and kept checking. That's probably why I missed the resurfacing work.

Various people here were my crew, of course, but I don't remember what anyone was doing. So.

What do you want to do on my spaceship?

Tags: dreams, poll

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