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12:58 am: I really hate Oxford Street. It is long and linear and all in a line, and it takes forever to get from one shop to another because they are all at different ends, and it would be far more efficient if London's central shopping area was actually an area rather than essentially two ribbon developments. Despite this I purchased some rather urgently-required jeans.

Moved boxes with furniture in this evening. It is nice that the pub is on the way back from ewtikins's.

Watched new Battlestar Galactica episode last night. Curious. Personally, my theory is that Starbuck is a Skrull, and that Wolverine is a Cylon. This would explain a lot, I feel. Wolverine is able to be in so many books at once because there are many copies of him! I will be watching Katee Sackhoff's chin closely in future episodes.

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Date:April 9th, 2008 11:10 am (UTC)
oxford circus is probably my most common central london destination for recreational porpoises. i like lots of things in the area and indeed lots of areas near it. i almost never walk on oxford street itself though - there are plenty of always-quiet streets just to the north or south. and exit to argyll st. fortunately i rarely want to got to a shop on oxford street itself, other than m&s, which has a back entrance on great marlborough st.
the bad bit is trying to get back into the station, so i don't do much of that either. walk to a different one.
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