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i have been continuing to read too many comics. if anything, my habit has got worse since since september. Let's see what's on my list at the moment.

  • astonishing x-men. this is the title being written by joss whedon. it's taken a long while to get this far - the first issue of joss's story arc shipped in 2004, well before i started reading, even, which is making things a little odd. #23 had the most awesome moment ever. "what else have you been lying about?". #24 out next month i think, followed by a special. warren_ellis is taking over thereafter.
  • x-men, uncanny x-men, x-factor, new x-men are currently in the middle of Messiah Complex, a big-ass crossover. a little slow so far, but there was just a big reveal. it should lead up to a big reshake.
  • two more wolverine comics launch next month! (in addition to the ongoing series "Wolverine" and "Wolverine: Origins"). one is a period Wolverine/Kitty Pryde teamup book, the other is called "Logan" and i haven't been inclined to read anything about it. I like Kitty Pryde and may get that one. shame that she doesn't appear to have made it back from the events of the current Astonishing arc.
  • x-men: first class, featuring the original lineup as kids being taught by professor x. this is teh awesome.
  • x-men: emperor vulcan is a hell of a lot better than the year-long rise and fall of the shiar empire story it was a sequel too.
  • mighty avengers FINALLY finished the Ultron storyline, leaving it a couple of months behind synchronous events happening in new x-men. rather lightweight for a story that took a year to come out. oh well.
  • new avengers, avengers: the iniative are getting rather skrully.
  • captain marvel is not skrully, because he's a kree.

  • she-hulk is pretty skrully as well. but nice skrulls.

  • the order suddenly took a turn for interesting, with the picking up of a plot thread from the recent the sub-mariner miniseries.
  • captain america is still dead. bucky looks like he is putting on the costume, though.
  • spider-man: one more day has just resulted in the erasing of Peter and MJ's marriage and making everyone forget that Peter had unmasked during civil war, etc. I do not think this is a good idea (but this doesn't mean I am going to call for the assassination of Joe Quesada), but I rather suspect there is more going on than immediately seems. This is potentially a continuity nightmare. Parker is only in New Avengers right now as a consequence of the civil war. He's still wearing the black costume and therefore is pre-OMD. It will be interesting to see if he just vanishes from that title, or if he starts wearing red/blue costume again, or what. Avengers: The Iniative #7 set up a curious out they could use. Anyway, I'm probably going to pick up Brand New Day for a few issues, to see how it's like, and then probably drop it because it's not what I want.
  • ultimate power, a crossover between the ultimates and the squadron supreme. rather disappointing, ultimately.
  • Thor just brought back loki, as, so far as i can tell, a girl.
  • The Twelve is out soon. This brings back 12 random WW2-era marvel superheroes, who (a la Cap) have been in suspended animation since the war. we see how they adjust and stuff. that's what the solicits say, anyway. will pick this up.
  • Runaways has I'm not sure whether it's shipped an issue since I last made a post about it. but anyway, it is awesome and you should read it.

Buffy season 8 continues good. I picked up an Angel: After the Fall comic (same idea, Angel season 6) and was rather confused by it. what? wesley is a ghost? gunn is a vampire?, before i realised that it was issue #2. doh.

by the way, i am happy to lend stuffs to peoples.
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