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05:22 pm: eek, it's nearly 2008!
new years eve. still in leicester. seem to have forgotten to do any socialising.

what i did do was a great deal of mapping on my bicycle:

compare before (left) and after (right):

i'd set myself a target of doing the entirety of leicester east of the railway line. this was not to be, but i'm still quite pleased with what i did : northfields, humberstone, hamilton, netherhall, thurnby lodge, rowlatts hill, north evington, random bits around the city centre, and a good start on crown hills/spinney hills. i hope by year end 2008 it will be finished.

i return to london tomorrow. i shall be in the pembury tavern in the evening.



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Date:January 1st, 2008 05:22 am (UTC)
If I turn up that will be three nights in a row for me—and four for Maria.

We discovered two new chess games tonight (er, last night): Penultima, which is sort of like Zendo played on a chessboard, and some sort of strange bowling/Space Invaders game that Maria invented when she was five years old.
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