Abi (abigailb) wrote,

stop the clocks

the chimey thing failed to go off yesterday. several times. hurrah!

visited parents at weekend. mapped thurnby, bushby and scraptoft to more-or-less completion. also, bit of evington. linky

have been doing some piecing together of evidence regarding the history of the roads. The present A47 was built by the Leicester to Uppingham Turnpike Trust in c. 18th. This appears to have been an entirely new alignment in Thurnby and Houghton - what was previously the road from Thurnby to Houghton, continuing the alignment of Thurnby Main Street, is now a public footpath. About where the A47 meets Spencefield Lane (B667), it swerves north-west. This looks like a link road, to join up the Turnpike road at Evington, with an improved road on the western part of the Humberstone Road/Scraptoft Lane/Covert Lane alignment, which is far older.

there was a woman on the tube this morning reading tuesday's horoscope. i was trying to decide whether this is more or less silly than reading today's.
Tags: city, city: leicester, swiss centre

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