Abi (abigailb) wrote,

the state of the map

was at state of the map this weekend, (conference for openstreetmap). enjoyed it. tired now. group photo

some things of note

*cartography is serious business. however, with osm, you can do some really freaky shit (i recommend clickying on this even if you don't care about maps in the slightest)
*the multimap founder, slipped in, on bullet points 4 of 5 on a slide towards the end of his talk, that he wanted to see multimap go live using OSM data before the end of the year. presumably just for the isle of wight/cambridge/netherlands/whatever.
*something like 99% of attendees were male. you get a gender skew in free software/content stuff, but this is absurd.
*i must organise a hackney mapping party in august or september.
*xslt is a very scary thing indeed.
*spaghetti junction is hard to render.
*flats don't get any tidier if you just leave them for a weekend
Tags: osm

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