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10:32 pm: Too much new music all out at once! I've given Digital Ash In A Digital Urn by Bright Eyes many listens to in the last 24 hours. I like it, but find it quirky enough that I can't quite believe that he managed to get #1 and #2 on the billboard charts at the same time...

Now giving Push the Button its first proper listen. Still got the other Bright Eyes and the lcd soundsystem their chances. And this album frenzy shows no sign of slowing down - expecting System of a Down, Garbage, Nine Inch Nails, Roots Manuva, Bloc Party and Kaiser Chiefs albums all soon, and that's just off the top of me head.

Also out on Monday is the Others' album. Listening to what little I have by them ahead of the gig tomorrow at the Charlotte - growing on me, but he still sounds rather excessively cocky. Still, music needs more genderqueer visibility (even if it is only in taste in partners). Anyone else fancy going? This means you.

Current Music: chemical brothers - push the button


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Date:January 27th, 2005 03:41 am (UTC)
The LCD soundsytem, album is ace! And I will playing loots of it at New Poatatoes at the Attik on Friday.
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Date:January 27th, 2005 03:42 am (UTC)
Wow, 3 spelling miskates and a grammatical error in one sentence, I have surpassed myself.
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Date:January 27th, 2005 04:04 am (UTC)
I've listened to a few tracks from it so far and decided that I like it. I've got it here at work with me, along with a discman, but we are formally banned from such devices, and I is chicken... Gah.
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