Abi (abigailb) wrote,

weekend was cool. squirmelia's party on saturday, followed by an adjournment to feeling gloomy. note to self in future, though: either get drunk beforehand or like carling.

then, board games on sunday. i co-won War on Terror as the Terrorists, with timeplease and fluffymormegil, and then mostly sat the games out for the rest of the evening, reading and doing the cryptic crossword from thelondonpaper. i like this crossword because it makes me feel clever : possibly the paper's sole redeeming feature. (the Metro's is Nemi, I have yet to see a point to The London Lite).

i am reading The Mountains of Madness by Lovecraft. it is nice, but it doesn't scare me! :( i mean, ok, perhaps this has a little to do with the plushie cthulhu which is downstairs and the gradual desensitation of people to horror fiction in the last 80 years, but still. the anthology is a little weighty to read all at once, so i'm lining up The Demolished Man as next read after this novella.

after noting how awesome the latest 2 issues of Runaways were, i got hold of the first 30 issues worth of collections, and read them all in one sitting. the basic premise is that a bunch of kids of supervillains discover this and team up and vow to defeat them. fairly standard plot, but never seen this implemented so well in any media. this is (a) a thing i wish i'd had when i was 13 (although i can think of better things to do witha a time machine), and (b) still quite funny and excellent now. oh, and Joss Whedon starts writing it in April. Can I get any more squee? (In fact, I can, and I will, on March 8th...)

The (Uncanny) X-Men is starting to improve as i get further into 1964's issues. Summers and McCoy clearly have personalities by issue 4, and Xavier is getting defined as a lying utter bastard early on (which may or may not have been the original intent? anyone?)

finally, i must also squee about the doctor who audio release Circular Time by Paul Cornell and Mike Maddox. particularly the 2nd story of 4 in it: which is effectively The Doctor vs Isaac Newton, the Royal Mint's enforcer.

but now i am tired and i should go to bed for i have to be up early tomorrow for a trip to hertfordshire.
Tags: board games, books, comics, doctor who, social

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