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10:59 pm: went up to leicester for weekend. exhausted but much enjoyed it. saw too many people to attempt to list. seem to have ordered new corset.

TOS box sets were on sale at Virgin, so I bought season 2. I feel the Star Trek Drinking Game may be a good use of this.

I notice we have another 25-year-old news story being passed off as a recent one. Probe into ex-KGB agent poisoning. I mean, really, do they think we wouldn't notice? At least choose a story that doesn't date so badly.

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Date:November 20th, 2006 07:08 pm (UTC)


was good to see you again! :D

xX Violet Xx
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Date:November 20th, 2006 07:39 pm (UTC)
Ello! *hugs* Aye, good to see you as well :)

Btw, you may be able to see a sikrit tag
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