Abi (abigailb) wrote,

it is november. we got up to The Illusion of Truth.

i seem to have bought an awful lot of X-Men trades (mostly 2004 a stuff and after, House of M, Decimation and stuff). worse: i am now buying four actual comic books! (eternals [by gaiman], 1602: fantastick four [which is a spin-off of gaiman's rather good 1602, following the fantastick four, written by peter david], phoenix: warsong [which is not a jean grey ressurection story], and ultimate power [which is a rather silly crossover between ultimate universe and joe's new supremeverse]). but all of these are limited series. so that's ok. please shoot me if i start buying X-Treme X-Men.

you probably don't remember my glee at having recieved my first electricity bill. well, on Tuesday I recieved my first water bill. No. Really. It covers year from August 2005!

Tags: babylon 5, comics

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