Abi (abigailb) wrote,

it ain't easy being green

back from b-movie which was rather entertaining. landvaettir came round earlier and helped me be green (especially doing my back and neck) : also lent me hair (green falls) and books. and i got in free, woo! † not really very many aliens : myself (orion slave woman), a borg and an andorian. once in was good fun. got to use the line "no? really! what? it happened again? i really must change my soap". danced quite a lot in the last half hour, sporadically before then.

despite being green i seem to have avoided having my photograph taken: arriving after reddragdiva left didn't help in this regard. if there are photos that i'm unaware of they will probably pop up on bmovie at some point.

got some bad abuse on the way home which rather upset me. but got some compliments later when got closer from a similar group of people. meh, i dunno. drunken idiots will pick on something and being green is a good way to be conspicous i suppose. really need to get this shit sorted out in my head.

should go to sleep now. i expect tomorrow it is my bedclothes that will be green. hurrah.

† the careful observer might note that i spent more on being green than being green saved me. hence the subject, possibly.
Tags: social, star trek

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